I'm Andrew.

I played with legos every day when I was a kid. Unlike many engineers, architects, and entrepreneurs who have often cited legos as their early inspiration to tinker and build, I took a different approach. Being the little Frankenstein I am, I would always take the set lego pieces from the boxes and mutate them into props, machines, buildings, and characters of my own universe to craft the most intense sci-fi battle sequences you can imagine (dialogue included).

Today, I am still collecting the lego pieces of knowledge and experiences for the ultimate goal of becoming an effective storyteller. Whether it's for building or selling a product, pitching an app idea, strategizing for a business plan, or even curating a personalized playlist for a friend, I have always played the role of a passionate and enthusiastic storyteller.

My abilities to communicate have gained me success in sales, product management, design thinking, SaaS, eCommerce, consulting, marketing, strategy, customer service, and community outreach.


Are you looking for someone to take on new opportunities and challenges with you? Or someone to have an intense conversation about the current landscape of the music/streaming industry? Or just someone to grab a coffee without the usual boring small talk? I'm the guy. 

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