General Assembly

Project Name:

Spotify Friends


This was the final project I made for the Product Management course at General Assembly. The goal is to launch a product from ideation to execution, and present it to the class at the end of the 10 weeks for "demo day".


What's the product?

Spotify Friends is a proposed product feature that helps listeners discover and rediscover friendships through music. The goal is to bring a weekly personalized and an algorithmically generated playlist that compiles all of the top song recommendations from you friend network.


What did I do?

Through design thinking sessions and interview 15 different users, I came up with a hypothesis that I was able to test using the only metrics from Spotify that I have access to:

- The number of "followers" a user has

- The number of artists or other users a user is "following"

- The number of "playlists" that a user creates 

I looked at my own network with 737 Spotify users and found that half of the users created only 5 or fewer playlists, 48% of users follow maximum 10 users/artists, and 23% of users have 10 or fewer followers. 

Then, after some mockups and user testing, I created the following designs to present to the class.